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My name is Sharona Merlin, a 35 years old product designer, graduated from Shenkar collage of design and engineering.I was born on June 9th 1983, which means I'm a Gemini. I don't know much about astrology but according to the stars, "Gemini is adaptable, dexterous and can maneuver many things at once." And thus, I'm a mix of many things; I'm half Moroccan and half polish. my mom is a painter and interior designer. my dad was a computer and business man. My mom has 11 brothers and sisters; my dad has only one sibling.And as for me, I'm a dancer, a ski instructor, a designer and everything that is between. I try to do everything I can to increase my knowledge and experiences and use these in my designs.After I completed my army service I went travelling until I decided to start studying Industrial Design. I wasn’t sure what it actually meant but I knew it was a broad subject. Since I have the will and curiosity to experience anything and everything, it sounded like the perfect thing for me.

I am ambitious, hard working, a quick learner and posses excellent understanding skills (especially in computers) Growing up in Israel has a big part of who I am, I define myself as tough and yet easy going, a person who enjoys a challenge and can adjust to any situation


2010 - "Instrumenta" exhibition of the series "Ponderabilia" - SPOT in Poznan

2012 - "The Material that Words are Made from" held in Tel Aviv in March 2012

2016 - "Uthopia" - London Design Biennale

2017 - "Sound" - Holon Design Museum ​

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