Ever since we are born, we are taught that music is meant to be heard, we must rely on our sense of hearing, to enjoy music and sounds.

The research for my final project explores new and non-conventional ways that will prompt senses, other than hearing, while listening to music.
When looking for the most extreme and neutral situations, I entered the world of the deaf and hearing disables and how they experience music without hearing it. Learning of their methods enabled me to form a new experience that would crossover to those who can hear. 

My journey concluded with designing a pair of speakers - each one provides a different expression and experience for hearing music: 

The first is a visual speaker, designed with textures that move according to rhythms, pulses and beats of the music following the fluctuations of the membrane.

The second speaker is built as a floor surface. One is able to stand on it and feel the vibration created by the music as it goes through their feet.

The speakers are made of maple tree, a substance known for its virtue as a transmitter of vibrations.


Photos: Tamy Dahan


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